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Slim 'n Lift Supreme is a revolutionary undergarment that slenderizes and shapes your figure from below the bust line all the way to just above your knees. This super comfortable micro fiber garment instantly smoothes out bulges, bumps and rolls giving you a trim and firm look. Slim 'n Lift Supreme sculpts and shapes your figure and gives you confidence looking your best. It's perfect to wear underneath your favorite pair of jeans, dress or business suit. A discreet dual front and back split makes visits to the washroom easy and convenient. The Slim 'n Lift Supreme is produced using the latest Charcoal Technology in order to make it a superior product in many ways. The Bamboo Charcoal Technology is a method in which granulated Bamboo Charcoal is added to raw polyester in the manufacturing process to form a polyester yarn with embedded charcoal granules. This yarn is then used to create garments with the superior absorption qualities of charcoal allowing it to absorb odor and moisture. The Slim 'n Lift Supreme has the ab lily to wick (draw) and disperse moisture pulling it away from the skin keeping you drier and more comfortable. This same quality also decreases the drying time of the garment. The porous nature of the Bamboo acts as a net to trap odor-causing molecules where they can quickly decompose without releasing any odor. The performance qualities of the charcoal do not diminish with laundering because it is a part of the fabric not a coating that washes out. Made of new free-breathing easy-to-wear micro-fiber fabric Fits like second skin, feels like normal underwear If you not sure, please order always the bigger size.

Material: 50% Polyamide, 38% Bamboo Charoal Nylon Blend, 12% Elastane

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